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Chapter 6156

One person immediately said: “Yes. That’s right. In Mr. Ma’s era, there was little information and a lack of materials.”

“The common people took the good things handed down from their ancestors without knowing it.”

“Antique collectors only needed to carry some cash and food stamps and walk around the streets,”

“And they could make money with great wealth.”

“We can get official kiln porcelain from the Ming and Qing dynasties at a low price,”

“And even top-quality blue and white porcelain from the Yuan Dynasty;”

“I’m not exaggerating when I say that in the villages around the capital, the plates used by old ladies to feed their dogs even had a lot of Yuanqing flowers on them.”

“If you had exchanged them for a big aluminum pot with her at that time, she would have definitely picked up the pot.”

“You would just have to run away, for fear that she would regret it,”

“And what you exchanged for a big aluminum pot might fetch 100 million at auction today.”

“What a pity, I was not born in that era!”

“I would have made a fortune and opened a museum soon!”

Manager Chen sent a voice message at this time, echoing:

“Yes! Brother Liu is right! Our antique industry is not what it used to be twenty or thirty years ago.”

“We have already entered the information age.”

“In the information age, anyone can find out some relevant information.”

“How can you sell good things at a low price? Manager Zhou is too reckless and shouldn’t do it!”

He said, “In today’s society, I have seen through it all.”

“Everyone has a dream of getting rich suddenly. When you are thinking about whether there are buried heirlooms in other people’s homes and thinking about buying them at a low price,”

“You have actually seen so many other people’s deeds of getting rich quickly.”

“My ancestors’ graves have been dug eight times, digging three feet into the ground to find treasures;”

“In this case, don’t say you want to buy his good things at a low price, he also wants to buy other people’s good things at a low price. Aren’t they all sold to these dreaming fools?”

Many people immediately praised him:

“Manager Chen has to be the one who really understands!”

“It seems that it is the right choice for Miss Song to get rid of Liangyun and let Manager Chen take over The Antique Shop!”

“Manager Chen’s level is much higher than Liangyun’s!”

Manager Chen immediately became interested when he saw everyone praising him and said with a smile:

“You are so flattering to me, I would also like to share a little personal opinion with you.”

“In fact, anyone who knows a little bit about our industry knows that after entering the information age,”

“Thinking about buying good things at low prices has become very common and not very difficult;”

“So now many people with ulterior motives have begun to change their minds.”

“Since I can’t pick up other people’s leaks, I will simply create some leaks for others to pick up;”

“So, the jade seal passed down from the country, Qianlong imperial wine of Kangxi,”

“The wooden fish of Shunzhi all came into being, and they were all fools who had dreams of getting rich!”

Someone immediately echoed: “Oh, Manager Chen is right!”

“There is a shortage of fools like this. I met such a fool last week.”

“The jade I bought in my store for 1,800 yuan was sold to him for as low as 4,000.”

“He thought it was too expensive, so he turned around and spent 20,000 to buy a piece of marble.”

“That stupid thing doesn’t cost more than two hundred yuan including postage!”

Someone else said: “Manager Chen, please talk to us a little more and give us more words of advice.”

“Let’s learn more, be alert and prepared!”

Manager Chen said with a smile: “Everyone, in today’s general environment,”

“The antique industry has already become as transparent as second-hand cars in the upper reaches.”

“If you cheat the seller when you take the car away, you can only cheat the seller when you sell the car;”

“A second-hand car dealer can sell a soaked Rolls-Royce for a near-new car price,”

“But he cannot use a soaked Rolls-Royce’s equivalent to a nearly new Rolls-Royce.”

“Therefore, when we open a store in the antique street, we must first have an awareness that it is difficult to miss in the entire antique industry!”

And we must remember that now not only can we not catch anything, but we also have to worry about being cheated!”

“There are always people who want to package accident cars, flooded cars, cars with meter adjustment, and cars with soul rings attached to dead people,”

“And sell them to car dealers. There are also always people who want to rebrand all kinds of fakes and sell them to us.”

“Liangyun has been thinking about them since he came here.”

“If you are working on a project with a profit margin of 500%,”

“It would be weird if you don’t get tricked to death!”

Everyone gave him a thumbs-up expression in the group and praised him.

Seeing that the time was almost ripe, Manager Chen quickly said in the group:

“Oh! Speaking of the fact that Peter was deceived, the counterfeit seller came to our store first.”

“He had brought the bronze Buddha, but I saw through that person,”

“So I drove him away. Unexpectedly, from my side After leaving, he went to Manager Zhou’s place.

After saying that, Manager Chen sighed and continued:

“I didn’t expect that an old-timer like Manager Zhou would fall for such a liar. It’s such a pity…”

Many people in the group asked: “Fck!”

“Manager Chen, did he really come to you to sell his fakes?”


Manager Chen hurriedly said: “I’m going to look for the surveillance video.”

“I received him in the VIP room at that time.”

“There should be surveillance footage.”

“I’ll look for it and send it to everyone.”

“Remember the face of the liar and be more prepared in the future!”

When everyone heard this, they couldn’t wait.

So, everyone urged him to upload the video quickly.

Manager Chen had actually downloaded the video a long time ago to his mobile phone,

But deliberately delayed it for a few minutes, and then sent the video to the group.

While the video was still being sent, he said to everyone:

“Everyone, I sent the video, and everyone should receive it soon.”

“But please remember, this video is just for our internal use as a negative teaching material,”

“But please do not spread it outside!”

Soon, the entire process of Manager Chen’s acting was sent to the industry group.

As soon as the video was received, they immediately clicked to watch it.

In the video, Manager Chen’s acting skills are at their peak.

No one can see the slightest bit of acting.

But in the video, everyone can also see that the bronze Buddha does look like a good thing.

If it is really held in front of him, what will happen? If you don’t do well, you will be deceived.

And when everyone saw that Manager Chen could easily see through the opponent’s tricks,

They couldn’t help but admire him.

As the saying goes, an expert can tell when he makes a move.

Manager Chen vividly explained the true meaning of this sentence in the video.

No matter how well the counterfeiters disguise the item,

It is impossible to deceive the real experts.


Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 6156 – MTL Novels (2024)
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