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Chapter 6163

The silent observers in the group were a little confused when they saw this video.

Some people wondered: “Is it possible that people from other places know that Liangyun is doing a big injustice and want to come here overnight to visit?”

Someone immediately replied: “Although Liangyun is very serious,”

“It is not worth coming so far to see, right?”

Another person said Said: “Perhaps he knew that Liangyun is an unjust man,”

“So he is selling the fake to him?”

This statement was recognized by many people, and they all replied:

“This is reliable! After all, such an injustice is not easy to find!”

“Yes, knowing that there is such an evil person in Aurous Hill,”

“The counterfeiters are probably all excited.”

Manager Chen just opened his eyes at this time, and replied with a voice message:

“These scammers are probably following him.”

“Like flies, they will come when they smell the stuff.”

“Oh! What a pity they don’t know is that Liangyun has no money in his pocket!”

“The cost of opening a store of hundreds of thousands is probably lost at this time.”

“These people even drove all night to cheat.”

“I’m afraid they won’t even be able to make back the gas and tolls they paid for it!”

The vendor continued as he walked! Walking to his stall, he thought about the conversation he just heard,

And then quickly said in the group: “Everyone, I seem to remember that there was a southerner with a not very standard accent just now,”

“And he seemed to say that he was here to collect things this time.”

“Collecting things?” Someone asked in confusion:

“Liangyun’s store is cleaner than my pocket.”

“Apart from the fake goods he received last night, what else can he collect? What did he find?”

Another person asked: “Dmn it, could it be that he found a channel to sell this fake product?”

Another person asked: “Isn’t it obvious that it is a fake? Who else will accept it?”

The man said, “If others can lie to him, can’t he lie to others?”

“Maybe he cheated again and found a new successor?”

Someone asked: “Isn’t Liangyun already famous after getting his eyes peeled?”

“Who would accept his things?”

The man smiled and said, “He is famous only in Aurous Hill,”

“Not in the whole country. Both groups of people drove here overnight.”

“At first glance, he looks like an outsider,”

“And outsiders don’t know these local things, so maybe they were deceived by him?”

When Manager Chen heard this, he quickly chatted with the vendor privately and said to him,

“Go back and ask that person. Are the two people here to collect the fake bronze Buddha?”

“If so, show them the video of mine on the Internet.”

“They must not be fooled by Liangyun.”

“After this is done, I will definitely not treat you badly!”

Manager Chen was also afraid that Liangyun would come back to life.

Even though he was defrauded of 300,000 yuan yesterday and became the laughingstock of everyone,

As long as he can sell this thing for more than 300,000 yuan today,

It proves that he was not blind when accepting this thing and he is sure to make money.

In the antique industry, people will look down upon you if you don’t have money,

You will be looked down upon if you are blind,

And you will be looked down upon if you don’t have good stuff and make a bunch of junk all day long.

But as long as you make money, people will look down on you no matter what you do.

If nothing else, take the master cost maker as an example.

As long as the fakes he makes can be sold at a high price,

Even if he is doing a marginal and unethical business,

Everyone will look at him high and praise him. He will be called a master.

Although everyone mocked Peter last night for being wronged,

As long as he made money today, it would be a good thing in the antique street.

What if he bought it for 300,000 yuan and sold it for 350,000 yuan?

He made 50,000 yuan in one night, who cares whether he makes money or not?

Therefore, Manager Chen had an idea in his mind,

No matter what, he wanted to mess up Peter’s business.

Seeing that Manager Chen wanted something from him,

The vendor also wanted to seize this opportunity to get close to him,

So he quickly replied: “Don’t worry, Manager Chen, I’ll take care of it!”

After saying that, he immediately turned back and came to those few people.

Next to me, the Tibetan friend from Eastcliff just now said,

“Brother, are you here to buy Boss Zhou’s bronze Buddha?”

The Tibetan friend from Eastcliff asked with some vigilance:

“You know “That bronze Buddha?”

“I know!” The vendor said with a smile,

“I know that bronze Buddha very well.”

“It is already famous in our three-acre area of Aurous Hill.”

He quickly opened the short video platform on his mobile phone,

Clicked on the video in which Manager Chen had invested 5,000 yuan yesterday, and said,

“Take a look at this video!”

The Tibetan friend was a little curious, took the phone, and started watching it seriously.

As he started watching, the Tibetan friend from the south also quickly came up and watched intently.

As the video played, Ervin’s younger brother came in with something.

Manager Chen took the thing and looked at it,

And then started a detailed review that he thought was very professional.

One from Eastcliff said in surprise:

“Oh, it’s really this bronze Buddha.”

A Tibetan friend from the South couldn’t help but smack his lips:

“I’m sorry, what is the background of this manager?”

The vendor quickly said: “You don’t know something, this Manager Chen is the general manager of our largest antique store in Aurous Hill,”

“The Antique Shop, a very powerful and outstanding professional!”


The southern Tibetan friend felt a little unhappy because he didn’t get the number one,

And he didn’t hide it at the moment.

With disdain on his face, he said sarcastically:

“Dmn it, this guy can’t say a single word right,”

“And he’s the damn general manager, so let him eat sh*t!”


Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 6163 – MTL Novels (2024)
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