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Ok, SMB AU idea because it is 1:25am for me and my brain refuses sleep

(The E-Gadd stans might come at me with pitchforks for this-)

(Also some inspiration was taken from my favorite mario youtuber for the beginning, so thank you to them for making such good content 💚)

So basically, E-Gadd uses Luigi as kind of a practice dummy for his inventions or ideas, if Luigi isn’t physically playing a part, he’s just there observing, E-Gadd is nice though, if there’s an invention where severe injury is possible, he keeps Luigi away from it and just uses Gooigi or the millions of *actual* practice dummies he has that he used before meeting Luigi. Which means Luigi observes for the majority of them. He’s happy to do so, he loves helping people, Mario however isn’t too sure about it, at first he was thrilled his bro was getting out of the house and had a sort of father-son relationship with E-Gadd. But all of that changed when Luigi came home injured from one of his trips to E-Gadd, it wasn’t anything too serious, or so Luigi said. But Mario wasn’t having it anymore, He didn’t like the idea of a Luigi possibly getting hurt while he wasn’t there to do something. So when the next experiment came around, Mario insisted on going. Luigi told him time and time again that he would be more careful and that he would probably just be watching, but Mario didn’t care. Eventually, Luigi caved and both brothers went to E-Gadd’s lab. E-Gadd was shocked at first to see Mario there, but he let it go. Luigi probably just wanted him there, which was fair.

E-Gadd sat Luigi down in a huge chair and told both him and Mario that the invention he was using Luigi for was a time travel experiment, he knew that time travel had been achieved before but he wanted to improve it, make it easier, do it his own way. This invention could achieve alternate dimensional travel as well, if he did it right.

“I’ll send Luigi to a different timeline just for a short time, maybe only 10 minutes, and then I’ll send him back here, for us, Mario, it will look like Luigi has just fallen asleep, but for Luigi, he’ll be in a whole new universe.. literally! I’m sure it’s stable and safe.” E-Gadd stated.

Luigi has always liked the idea of time travel/alternate universes, so he wasnt against this. He was a tad nervous due to him getting hurt last time. But overall excited. Mario was different though. He didn’t like the idea of Luigi possibly getting stuck in a different universe. Or worse… his mind was racing about what could possibly happen to his brother, but he didn’t really get time to interject, E-Gadd put a bulky headset over Luigi’s head and flipped a switch, Luigi’s body went limp like he had fallen asleep. Mario waited for the machine to turn off, for Luigi to ‘wake up’ and for them to both be able to go home.

He just wanted Luigi to be ok.

After about 5 minutes of waiting, Mario noticed blue lightning coming from the headset, He immediately ran over to Luigi and tried to pull the headset off, E-Gadd heard the commotion and sprinted into the room

“What on Earth is happening?!” E-Gadd yelled, very confused why Mario was trying to rip the headset off of his brother

“Don’t you see the lightning?! It’s malfunctioning! Stop the machine now!” Mario cried, he was desperate to get Luigi out of that machine, but that wasn’t E-Gadd’s concern unfortunately.

“I can’t stop the machine mid run! Someone has to be in there the full 10 minutes! the machine may break if someone completely leaves the machine for more than a few seconds!”

Mario was furious, E-Gadd cared more about his machine and what could possibly happen to it than if Luigi was going to make it out ok. But even though he was mad, he was getting more and more desperate to save his brother

“Fine! I’ll put the headset on in his place ok??? Just help my brother! Please!”

E-Gadd hesitated for a moment, but eventually ran back to his office and disconnected the headset slightly from Luigi’s head so that Mario could pull it off and put it on himself instead. Which is exactly what he did. Mario yanked the headset off of his brother, got Luigi out of the chair, and pulled the headset on over himself.

Luigi hit the ground a little harder than anticipated since no one could really catch him, Luigi slowly sat up, confused, rubbing his head. E-Gadd came out of his office and made sure Luigi was alright, they found out that Luigi wasn’t in there long enough before the lightning for it to work, he was just sort of in a black void the entire time. E-Gadd was upset his machine didn’t work, but was immediately distracted from that when Luigi started to panic

“Mario!! what happened?? why is he in the machine??” Luigi was confused, but mainly concerned for his brother.

E-Gadd sighed

“Your brother saw the machine malfunction and made me release you. But I wasn’t able to do it fully without something possibly happening to the machine. so Mario agreed to pull the headset off of you and put it on himself instead to save you and the machine… it seems the lightning on the headset has stopped, which could mean the machine went back to normal…”

Luigi smiled

“That’s.. that’s good right?”

“Well yes..” E-Gadd was hesitant to continue, “But… this means Mario is in the new dimension and I don’t really know how to get him out.”

Luigi’s smiled faded immediately.

“WHAT??” Luigi screamed, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN’T???”

“Well you see.. You were the only one supposed to go into the prototype machine. So I had a temporary lever to use to let you in and out, but it’s only supposed to let someone in and out once. Just so I could see if the machine worked properly. But since I already used the lever to let you out….

Mario is stuck in whatever alternate timeline he was transported to until I can make an invention to save him.”

That’s the AU! I’m not very good at writing though so sorry about that but let me know what you think of it and if you would like art for it ^^

#mario | rosebloom431 (2024)
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