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Welcome to IGN's Devil May Cry 5 guide and walkthrough for Mission 02 - Qliphoth, when you'll first be able to purchase skills. Follow along to find Blue Orb Fragments, Gold Orbs, and other hidden items.

Niko gives Nero a letter from Morrison, detailing a theory about Dante. He used to go by Tony Redgrave - similar to red Grave City. You'll get more letters and information the more missions you do.

Customization Tutorial and Tips


You'll also get a tutorial on how to use Red orbs to acquire skills, replenish items, or change equipped gear.

  • See Best Skills to Unlock First for specific tips for this!
  • Make sure to replenish Devil Breakers (in the Equipment tab) in this screen before missions.
  • Purchase skills when you can to make combat easier.
  • You can also purchase items, like Blue Orbs, which permanently increase your health.
  • Consider buying a Gold Orb or two to help in a pinch.
  • Use the Void here to practice skills and abilities you've yet to have purchased

While here for the first time, we recommend unlocking at least the following skills:

  • Speed
  • Streak
  • Table Hopper When you can, definitely purchase Enemy Step and Roulette Spin. See Tips and Tricks for more details and help!

Mission 02 Start

Nero begins in the center of what looks like an outdoor mall. Break the protruding objects that glow red to earn Red Orbs. Otherwise, continue down the path ahead until a short cutscene plays.

Now, you'll learn about Style Rankings. See our complete How to Get SSS Style Ranks in DMC5 for more tips!

Take out the weak enemies how you see fit. If you need health after, there are some Green Orbs if you take a left from where you came, in front of a poster that says "50" on the right.

For more Red Orbs, and a Gold Orb', instead hop up the wall in front of you, to the right of the broken neon screens. There are Red Orb clusters above, and down this path. You'll run into some enemies, but there's a Gold Orb right behind them. This golden stone, or Revival Orb, will revive you and recover you fully.

Once you've gathered the orb, return and head down the only path you haven't taken yet. Hug right at the yellow ambulance to find the Red Orb producing Red Empusa down a small alley, and defeat it. Directly to the right of where it spawned, there's a ledge. Jump up and head inside the opening above it to find two Red Orb Clusters. This will also earn you the Achievement - Where the Red Orbs Grow .


Defeat the roots in your way and head through the gate with the pegasus statue on the other side to prompt a cutscene.

Cleaving Vanguard: Hell Caina & Chiaro Mondo Hotel

Through the gates is a small mini-boss type fight, the reaper-looking Hell Caina.

They're tougher than other enemies you've faced before. Stay on your toes, dodging often, and using your skills to leave no breathing room. When you're overwhelmed, press B/Circle to unleash an AOE attack from Nero's Devil Breaker to keep them at bay.

Defeating them opens up the hotel in front of you. Heading up the stairs in the foyer spawns enemies behind you. Kill them, especially the Red Empusa, which will disappear if you take too long to kill it.

Now head up the stairs and make a right (there are some Green Orbs around the corner if you need them) - but head through the doorway after you've gathered them. A short cutscene will play around the corner, and Nero will drop down below.

Make sure to get the Red Orbs on the right, then go left. Collect the Nidhogg Hatchling on the organic pedestal, and place it on the weird root structure behind you in the same room.

You will find more of the puzzles later, so keep an eye out for the Nidhogg Hatchlings, and always pick them up.

Continue through the new path you just made and go inside, making a left, then going up the stairs. A tutorial will pop up, teaching you how to get to the next objective. Simply hold the left stick in to orient the camera the direction you need to go.


This will tell you to go right at the mid-floor of the stairs, but instead, go all the way to the top to find Red Orbs. Also, go left to find more Red Orbs, before finally heading toward your objective.

If you go into the first room on your right, you'll find some Red Orbs inside, but Hell Caina will jump you - trapping you inside until you defeat them. No biggy! It's worth the Orbs.

Continue onwards - you'll find another root blockade that requires a Nidhogg Hatchlings. There's isn't one far from here. Continue right, and go into a large room. You'll find a Nidhogg in the back here - but taking it will initiate a surprise attack.

Take care of the scythe-wielding enemies to open up the room again.

Before you go, hop down the hole in the floor they created to find a Blue Orb Fragment.

Now, head back to the blockade and place the hatchling to continue. Further in, roots will, again, block your way. Go into the room on your right to bypass them.

Tutorial: Here, you'll learn about Secret Missions. To activate these, stand on. red marker on the floor, and line up special symbols to create a "gate" of sorts. From here, you can press A/X to access the Secret Mission. Complete these, which require certain parameters, to earn rewards. You can always retry them, so don't worry about completing it as soon as you find it.

When you're done with the secret mission, take a right out the door to find red orbs, then continue along the left path, which leads you into a large room with long curtains. Fight the enemies here to progress, and don't forget the green orbs on the right before leaving.


The City Pt 2

Outside the mansion, follow the path - the only one you can follow, as the roots block your way by raising the earth. Soon, you'll pass a receptacle for a Nidhogg Hatchling on the left. Keep going, fighting the two enemies at what seems to be a dead end.

But, there's an alleyway on the left, and the Nidhogg Hatchling is here beyond some scaffolding.

Hatchling in hand, turn back around the way you came so you can deposit it. However, the earth crumbles beneath Nero's feet, and a new enemy appears: Brutal Berserker: Hell Antenora.

These enemies will not be stunned by your sword, or most of your attacks. Do not rely on halting their attacks with your own. You will need to dodge to appropriately face them, or they will cut Nero down.

After dispatching them, jump out of the pit and place the Nidhogg on the receptacle directly to the right to open up a path. When it opens up, go left first for more Red Orbs before heading to the left.

Here, you'll find a Telephone Booth. Pick up the Green Orbs to the right of this booth, and then interact with it.

Boss Fight: Incandescent Colossus Goliath

Nico will arrive in her van, ready to offer you upgrades! Which you should do, because there is a boss fight ahead!


Consider purchasing a Gold Orb, and a Blue Orb - just in case.

If you have the Orbs, try to equip yourself fully with Devil Breakers. You'll need as many Devil Breakers as possible for this fight ahead, and the extra air maneuverability offered by the Gerbera is useful, and the Buster Arm will allow you to pull off sick moves when you stun the boss.

When you're ready, approach your destination, and a cutscene will start.

The first phase of the Goliath fight isn't too complicated. Stay behind him, and preferably on the ground. Dodging in the air is difficult, unless of course you're well-versed in moving out of the way with the Gerbera (press B/Circle without locking on to move in a direction in the air with the Gerbera equipped.)

Goliath will attempt to strike Nero with his fists - and will occasionally spin around to reach him. Aim to jump over them and continue attacking.

If you're forced to create distance between you and it, use RB/RT+B/Circle to use Wire Snatch to quickly close the distance between you and the enemy, so you can take advantage of the openings when you have them.

Eventually, Goliath will smash a hole beneath him, and he and Nero will drop down below - Phase 2. He will rip up columns and throw them at you, and, of course, continue to sweep the floor with his giant fists.

After you deal enough damage, he will suck up debris with his stomach. You will probably be drawn in with this attack, and it does a lot of damage. But! You can completely avoid getting hit by it by jumping through the now broken wall behind him.

If you're caught in Goliath's stomach-sucking move, press LB/LT to destroy your currently equipped Devil Breaker - this allows Nero to break free with the force of the destruction. Try timing this when you're close to Goliath to hit him, too - but this is very risky!

Goliath will do this attack at least once before the fight transitions to Phase 3.


Outside the church, when it looks like Goliath is charging, get away from him! He's about to unleash an AOE energy attack. He will do this every time after inhaling with his stomach.

He'll also consume cars and trash, jump to the other side of the map, and unleash them as fiery projectiles. Keep an eye on him and dodge out of the way - or counter them back to Goliath with a sword Swipe, or use B without locking on to unleash an attack from a Devil Breaker. Watch out for rocks as well.

Remember: You can dodge by holding RB/RT, then pressing A/Circle while holding a direction. But! Jumping is a great way to dodge as well.

Running, constantly, is a good way to avoid projectiles as well. Stay on your toes, attack when he's open, and you should be able to take him down with, at most, a little patience.

Next is Mission 03 - Flying Hunter.

Up Next: Mission 03 - Flying Hunter

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