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  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5823“Without going public, Gideon could only hold onto this business and its annual profit of tens of millions of dollars. What he actually gets in hand is just about tens of millions. His dream of going public and cashing in several hundred million seems hopeless.”Charlie was surprised by how quickly Sophie could summarize so much useful information in just 10 minutes. He greatly appreciated her business acumen, judgment, and skills.He asked Sophie, “Miss Schulz, from your perspective, how much should we offer to successfully acquire this company?”Sophie replied, “Mr. Wade, based on the information I've gathered so far, Gideon, their boss, publicly holds 57.6% of the shares, but when factoring in other equity structures and option holdings, the overall ownership should be around 78.5%, making him the unquestionable major shareholder. To successfully acquire Violet Group, as long as we can get Gideon's approval, it will be considered a success.”“Judging from Gideon's current income
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5822Violet Group was a well-known company in Yorkshire Hill, but because they were mainly involved in the tea industry, they weren't widely known outside the tea industry. Sophie had never even heard of Violet Group's name before. However, her style of doing things has always been efficient and direct, so she grabbed a pen and paper from her desk on the other end of the line and said, “Alright, Mr. Wade. How can I help you on my end?”Charlie said, “I hope you can negotiate with their boss on behalf of the Schulz Group. If they're curious about why a prestigious young lady like you from the Schulz family is interested in a tea company like theirs, just tell them that your grandfather in Madagascar loves their tea, so you plan to buy the company. In short, maintain a wealthy and capricious tone.”Sophie agreed without hesitation and said, “Okay, Mr. Wade. Please give me ten minutes. I'll grasp a rough understanding of the basic situation of this company first, and I'll then communicate
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5821Looking at it this way, it was not easy to enter openly, and sneaking in wouldn’t be easy either. After all, there were security guards everywhere and surveillance cameras with no blind spots. Even if he snuck in, he might get caught. He could not just force his way up, right?The security guard, upon seeing that Charlie didn't seem like a malicious person who had ulterior motives, spoke up, “Young man, let me tell you, this place is just a tea plantation, and we also have basic tea processing here. The real leaders don't work here. If you really want to talk about a collaboration, go to the downtown area of Pu'er. There's a building called Violet Tower there, which is our headquarters. You need to make an appointment there first. If they arrange for you to visit this area, they'll notify us naturally.”Vera, feeling a bit down, gently tugged at Charlie's sleeve and said, “Why don't we go to Pu'er to talk to their group first?”Charlie also knew that it wouldn't be easy to get in
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5820She continued, “I just don't know if that Pu'er tea tree is still there. If the tree is gone, it might be a bit difficult to find the location.”Charlie said, “It's okay, I'll accompany you to search for it until we find it.”Vera nodded gratefully and said to Charlie, “If that Pu'er tea tree is still alive, it should be over a thousand years old. It's definitely the largest and most lush tea tree here.”She couldn't help but sigh and say, “However, it still falls short compared to the mother Pu'er tea tree with a lifespan of ten thousand years by Heavenly Lake.”Charlie chuckled, “There’s a huge difference between a thousand years and ten thousand years.”As they got closer, the details of Mount Twint became clearer.Vera pointed excitedly at a particularly lush tea tree near the mountaintop and said to Charlie, “If I'm not mistaken, my parents' ashes are buried under that tree!”Charlie looked up and saw a huge tree standing prominently on the side ridge near the mountaintop.
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5819While Jimmy's condition stabilized further, Charlie and Vera had already driven to Pu’er in Yorkshire Hill.This city, named after tea, had a history of over a thousand years. It was not only a stop on the ancient Mass Tea Street, but also an important tea-producing area for Pu'er tea today.When Vera left Diggero many years ago, she brought her parents' ashes with her and finally buried them in Pu’er. It had been over three hundred years since she had last visited this place, and Vera had completely forgotten what the city used to look like.According to Vera, when she left Diggero, she only brought her parents' urns with her. When she buried them in Pu’er, she secretly chose a Feng Shui geomantic treasure land to bury the two urns and did not provide coffins for her parents nor did she build a tomb or tombstone.Finding two urns buried over three hundred years ago here was basically like finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, Vera remembered that she had buried her parents
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5818Jameson asked in surprise, “Is the medication process so strict?”The doctor nodded and said, “Currently, many people on the black market are willing to pay a high price for Apothecary Restoration Pills. The price for a single pill has already exceeded several million dollars. So, in order to ensure that the medication is ultimately taken by the patients, we need to clearly record each Apothecary Restoration Pill internally. From now until the patient is discharged, every time they take the pill, our specialist will personally deliver and supervise the patient taking the pill.”Jameson suddenly understood. The Apothecary Restoration Pills should be the only drug on the market that could completely cure all cancers. In addition, since there was no supply on the market yet, wealthy people who were sick would definitely pay a high price to purchase them. If the drugs weren't strictly controlled, there might be someone within Apothecary Pharmaceutical or the patient's family members who,
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5817Jameson was truly surprised to learn that Charlie was not only the boss of Apothecary Pharmaceutical but also the person who had given his son a lifesaving opportunity when he was at his most desperate.He reflected on his previous helplessness and felt immensely grateful to Charlie at this moment. Liam smiled and said, “Mr. Smith, there's no need to worry. Mr. Wade has instructed me that he’s currently out of town, so over the next few days, you should focus on accompanying your son for his treatment. When your child's condition improves a bit and Mr. Wade returns to Aurous Hill, he will naturally arrange a meeting with you then.”Jameson expressed his heartfelt gratitude, saying, “Then, please convey my thanks to Mr. Wade. My whole family is deeply grateful for his kindness and generosity!” Liam nodded, observing Jameson's current state, and he instantly understood that this person indeed harbored sincere gratitude toward Charlie and would undoubtedly repay him in the future.
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5816After saying that, the doctor added, “We've taken the blood sample before your child takes the medicine. We'll take him to the radiology department now to inject the contrast agent and then proceed with a full-body PET-CT scan. After the CT scan, we'll give him two Apothecary Restoration Pills immediately.” Jameson asked in surprise, “He will be taking two pills at once?” The doctor nodded. “Yes. Considering Jimmy's critical condition, we plan to give him a five-day rapid consolidation period. During these five days, he'll take two Apothecary Restoration Pills daily to help his body recover quickly. After five days, we'll enter a stabilization period, and we will then be giving him one pill daily until he's discharged.”Jameson heaved a sigh of relief. Taking two Apothecary Restoration Pills a day for five days would surely provide significant relief for his son. Perhaps Jimmy would even be able to get out of bed after five days. As he thought of this, he gratefully said, “Thank
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5815Liam quickly made the arrangements for the three of them properly. Leni and Shermaine were placed in the adult ward, whereas Jimmy was placed in the children's ward. Jameson, guided by the staff, completed the hospitalization procedures for his son, and he felt as if he was dreaming the whole time. He had thought that his son had lost the opportunity to participate in the clinical trial of Apothecary Pharmaceutical. Just a moment ago, he was discussing with his wife whether to take their child to the United States for hospice care.Unexpectedly, everything had changed dramatically in the blink of an eye. With some understanding of the Apothecary Restoration Pill, Jameson's only thought at the moment was that his son's life could truly be saved this time. He couldn't help but wonder who was behind all this sudden change. Was it Mr. Lavor, whom Leni had happened to meet? Did he really have such great influence?As he was lost in confusion, his wife, Jenny, suddenly called. Jame
  • The Charismatic Charlie Wade PDF & Novel Online by Lord Leaf to Read for Free - Urban/Realistic Stories - MegaNovel (2024)


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    What happens in Charismatic Charlie Wade? ›

    The Charismatic Charlie Wade is a book that follows the life of Charlie Wade as he grows up as a man and overcomes all the obstacles that life throws at him from having no support, money, resources, or solid resources relationship with people around him.

    Is Charlie Wade fact or fiction? ›

    The Charismatic Charlie Wade is an urban/realistic male-centered fiction that revolves around the male lead Charlie Wade. Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone hated and despised, but nobody knew his real identity which is being the heir of a prominent family.

    Who is Charlie Wade's wife? ›

    Wade is married to former University of Washington volleyball player Tani Martin, with whom he has three sons, Makana, Kainoa & Kekoa.

    What movie is based on Charlie Wade? ›

    Lone Star

    What is the name of Charlie Wade's novel? › The Charismatic Charlie Wade.

    What is the name of the book with Charlie Wade in it? › The Charismatic Charlie Wade.

    Can you read Nick and Charlie without reading Heartstopper? ›

    This Winter and Nick and Charlie are spin-off novellas from Solitaire and Heartstopper, but can still be read and enjoyed even if you haven't read those books.

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