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He thought about what he could do until an amazing idea suddenly struck his mind! He drove to thenearby car repair workshop, then spent twenty bucks to replace the BMW 760 logo with a 520. Themain differences between these models were their engines and interior layouts. The exterior of a BMW5 series looked very similar to the 7 Series that it was quite difficult to distinguish between them otherthan through the rear tail label. The 520 was the lowest spec model in the 5 Series-with an averageengine and average technology, it was an all- round average car. On the other hand, the 760 was thehighest spec model in the 7 Series with a top-notch engine, awesome maneuver control. It was a verypowerful car. Charlie grinned triumphantly as he drove the 760 with the 520 logo at its back. Clairedidn’t know much about cars and wasn’t enthusiastic about them. She would buy it without a doubt if hetold her this was a BMW 520.

The owner of the workshop smacked his lips in amusem*nt as he watched the BMW leave his shop.He didn’t expect the young man to be so mischievous despite his honest look. He must have a cunningplan playing in his mind that he deliberately changed the 760 logo to a 520!


After car shopping, Charlie remembered his second mission-to buy a gift for the opening of Douglas’srestaurant at noon today. As Douglas was the one and only classmate who was nice to him duringcollege, he wanted to give a generous gift to him. He drove to a large consignment shop gallery andspent two hundred thousand dollars for an early painting by Rachel Ruysch, the painter from the DutchGolden Age. Rachel Ruysch’s fame was lost to much of the art history world nowadays, so mostpeople wouldn’t recognize her paintings. He selected an ancient painting as his gift to Douglas for tworeasons-he wanted to give Douglas a meaningful and expensive gift but he didn’t want the others toknow how much the painting was worth. If someone were to ask about it, he would simply say that ithad only cost a few thousand dollars.

After shopping, it was almost noon. He called Claire and told her that he would pick her and Loreen upfrom the Emgrand Group headquarters. Claire gaped in surprise when Charlie drove a BMW 5 series!She stared at him, dumbfounded, and asked in shock, “Where did the car come from?”

Charlie said with a warm smile, “I bought it for you!”

“You bought it?” Claire was even more surprised. “Where did you get the money?”

“Private savings, of course,'” Charlie said with an indifferent shrug. “Look,I didn’t spend a penny whenwe got married, and all these years, all my expenses have been covered by you and your family.What’s so weird about saving some pocket money?”

“It’s your savings, you should use it on yourself. Why did you spend on such an expensive car? It musthave cost four hundred thousand dollars, right?”

Charlie chuckled. “You’re my wife, what’s wrong with me spending my pocket money on you? Do youwant me to spend it on my mistress? Besides, you are a director now and people might tease you fornot having a car.”

Loreen quickly interjected, “Claire, you do need a car for your daily commute. This car is quite suitablefor you, by the way. Charlie loves you so much, you should be happy!”

Claire nodded and said gratefully, “Thank you, Charlie!”

Charlie grabbed her hand gently and said, “You’re welcome, my dear.” Then, he urged the ladies, “Let’sgo to Douglas’s restaurant now!”

Claire hurriedly asked as if a thought suddenly struck her, “Did you buy him a gift?”

“I did,” Charlie answered, “I bought him a painting.”

“A painting?” Claire asked curiously, “What kind of painting?”

“An ancient painting I saw on Antique Street. It’s a painting of a pomegranate, which symbolizesrighteousness. It looked pretty good, so I bought it.”

“How much did you buy for?” “Several thousand dollars.'”

Claire nodded and chuckled, “I think you might have been scammed! You can’t buy an authenticpainting for that price.”

Charlie smiled casually. “Never mind, it’s the token of our heart that is the most important.”

Claire nodded in agreement. “You’re right, it’s our courtesy that is the most important. Let’s go!”

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Chapter 50 - The Charismatic Charlie Wade | Novel Square (2024)
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