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Chapter 6154

But Peter murmured in his heart, he had never offended Ervin before, why would he target him like this?

What’s even more ridiculous is that he made a plan against himself,

But unexpectedly a good thing from the Northern Song Dynasty. This is really unheard of.

The reason why he just told the truth in front of that person was that,

Firstly, he concluded that no matter what he said, the other party would definitely not believe it,

And secondly, it was also to leave a piece of evidence for the future.

At the four corners of the store’s ceiling, several sets of surveillance cameras on the first floor were not removed when the previous owner left.

In the words of the shop owner, it only cost a few hundred yuan in total when he bought it.

Not to mention that he had to carry a ladder to climb up to dismantle it,

And he couldn’t even sell it for a few bucks;

after all, they were all bought several years ago.

A camera that only cost one or two hundred yuan a few years ago, but now no one wanted it for a hundred yuan,

So he simply did a favor and gave Peter the account and password of the monitoring software.

In the conversation just now, Peter had already been recorded by the surveillance camera and told the person clearly the stakes of the bronze Buddha.

Not only did he tell the person what age it was and how much it was worth,

But he also gave the other party a proposal of half for each person.

Which was very kind and far beyond the average level of the entire antique industry.

The reason why he told the other party the truth was that he saw through the other party’s conspiracy,

So he simply used the trick to create a conspiracy.

He said everything that should be said and shouldn’t be said,

Just because the other party couldn’t believe it, so he said it with sincerity.

The other party did not believe that this thing was from the Northern Song Dynasty at all.

They only wanted to deceive him, so no matter how hard he tried, the other party insisted that it was only 300,000 yuan.

After being informed of the true value of the thing, he still said that as long as three hundred thousand,

So with this chain of evidence, if the other party finds out the truth and comes back to cause trouble,

He doesn’t have to worry. Even if the lawsuit goes to the United Nations, he can’t lose.

He has been doing antiques for a long time and has seen all kinds of weird things,

So he has always been wary of others and considered everything very carefully.

After Peter downloaded all the surveillance videos to his mobile phone,

He made a decision to get rid of the bronze Buddha as soon as possible.

The reason for taking action as soon as possible was not that he was short of money,

But that he realized that someone did not want him to gain a foothold in the antique street.

He received this bronze Buddha today.

It won’t take long for someone to spread the news in the antique street,

Letting everyone know that they have been cheated.

If you want to make a good comeback, there is no point in saying that things are from the Northern Song Dynasty.

No one will believe it. What’s more, Peter, the antique dealer here, also knows that his professional level cannot reach the top,

So the best way is to get rid of this bronze Buddha as soon as possible.

Once it is successfully sold, his reputation in Aurous Hill Antique Street will be instantly established.

As for whether becoming famous will reveal his identity, Peter is not worried.

Although he picked up a leak, this kind of leakage worth tens of millions of yuan can only have some influence in the antique circle in a place like Aurous Hill.

It is nothing in the national perspective, let alone the European and American antique circles.

Collections can easily cost tens or hundreds of millions of dollars each.

The game Ervin made for himself was just enough to make him famous in Aurous Hill without being spread too widely.

The scale was perfect. This was not a timely help.

It was snowing. Someone gifted him a villa with a set of a heater.

At the same time, Jacob, who was in Ervin’s car, also received 300,000 yuan transferred from Ervin’s younger brother.

The things he bought for 98,000 yuan in the afternoon were returned to 300,000 yuan in the evening.

The profit of 200,000 yuan made Jacob dance happily.

It is always difficult for ordinary people to gain much happiness in their lives.

When you make money, it often strains your muscles and bones and hurts your dignity.

Most of the time, you make money on your knees, but few people kneel down to stuff money into your pocket.

Although going out to pick up girls will bring you psychological and physical pleasure,

The money you spend will make you feel uncontrollably distressed.

In addition, in order to earn back the money, you will have to invest more physical and mental energy in the future.

But today Jacob experienced what it means to be fully satisfied.

He made money, and he made it while lying down.

More importantly, he made money from his enemy and avenged.

This kind of good thing is difficult for ordinary people to encounter.

The difficulty is equivalent to sleeping with the enemy’s wife.

The enemy’s wife spends the enemy’s money to open a hotel.

After finishing the enemy’s wife, she even takes out her husband’s money and gives it to you.

Jacob, who was in a good mood, couldn’t help but praise Ervin and said with a smile:

“Oh Ervin, you are really amazing! Even Liangyun was tricked by you.”

“If you continue to play with antiques, who can play in the entire antique street?”

“Is it better than what you do currently?”

Ervin was completely relieved that he didn’t have to pay for Jacob anymore,

So he complimented him: “As long as you are satisfied, President Wilson.!”

“Very satisfied!” Jacob laughed:

“Now that we have the money, should we let the entire Aurous Hill antique industry know about Liangyun’s spying?”

“Of course,” Ervin said hurriedly:

“President Willson, don’t worry, I’ve made all arrangements. “

After that, he took out his mobile phone and called Manager Chen of the Antique Shop.

As soon as the call came through, he immediately said:

“Liangyun spent 300,000 yuan to buy the bronze Buddha.”

“You can release the news to the outside world!”


Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 6154 – MTL Novels (2024)
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