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With that, Helena asked Charlie again: “MR. Wade, yesterday in Yeling Mountain, with so many confidantes of yours, you have to go to Yeling Mountain to help you regardless of the danger of your life. Did they love you after a long time? Did you fall in love with you? Isn’t anyone like me who fell in love with you in just a few days?”

Charlie was speechless.

Among his confidantes, apart from Stefanie Sun (Gu Qiuyi) who had known each other since childhood, the other, Jasmine (Song Wanting), who had known him the longest, was actually only more than a year old.

The time to get to know Ito Nanako, Zara banks ( Su Zhiyu ), and Xion (su roli) is actually shorter.

Seeing Charlie’s silence, Helena said emotionally: “MR. Wade, the reason why I retreat is not really afraid of being a queen. I’m just afraid that after becoming a queen, I won’t have the opportunity to meet you again… Instead of this, I would rather Instead of being the queen, I’d rather take my mother to live in China, so that I can at least be closer to you!”

Charlie put away his previous Tai Chi attitude, looked at Helena, and said seriously: “A person has many lofty goals in his life, and feelings are only one of them at best. You should put more energy on how to revitalize the Nordic royal family. Just like my biggest goal now is to no longer spend my little life with my wife, but to inherit my father’s legacy and carry forward the wade family.”

After speaking, Charlie asked her: “If I’m not wrong, when your father is alive, you should hope you can inherit Datong, right?”

As soon as Charlie said this, Helena broke her defenses mentally, and tears suddenly rolled down.

She thought of her ill-fated father.

In order to allow himself to inherit the rule and achieve the highest goal of a member of the royal family, he did not hesitate to hide his congenital diseases for twenty years.

In his opinion, even if he can be a queen for one day, his life is fulfilled.

But now, he is only three days away from the perfection in his mind.

Thinking of this, she finally understood that Charlie in front of her had long no longer put her children’s love in the first place.

Ashamed and disappointed were caught in it, making Helena burst into tears.

She looked at Charlie, crying, and nodded and said: “MR. Wade, I understand… Don’t worry, I will definitely inherit my father’s will and carry forward the royal family.”

Charlie nodded and said, “Helena, you just said that I have so many confidantes, but fundamentally speaking, each of them is different from me, but you and me are the same. “

After speaking, Charlie said with a serious expression: “We have all been pampered in a big family, but then we have suffered a lot of hardships that ordinary people have not eaten; we have all been blessed by our parents, and at the same time watched them hate. In the end; and now, we all carry the banner left by our father, ready to rush to the position that father failed to rush before.”

When Charlie said this, he paused slightly, looked at Helena, and said seriously: “The only difference between the two of us is that I am ready to charge. As the saying goes, although there are tens of millions of people, I will go! No matter you Who and how many people stand in front of me, Charlie, when I carry the banner left by my father, will never take a step back! And you, seem to be still cowering before the battle, whether you should The charge hesitated!”

Helena saw the reluctance in Charlie’s eyes, and the same hot flame ignited in her heart.

She wiped away her tears and said loudly to Charlie: “MR. Wade, I have already decided! I want to carry my father’s banner like you! Like you said, although there are tens of thousands of people, I will go!”

Charlie nodded with a smile on his face, stretched out his hand to Helena, smiled and said: “Helena, now we are comrades!”

Helena subconsciously stretched out her hand and shook Charlie, then blushed and asked: “Comrade, what do I like about you?”

The Charismatic Charlie Wade Free Online - Chapter 3626 - Fast Novels (2024)
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