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Charlie replied coldly, “That is your lifeline. The reason why the evil spirit could be appeased so easilyis because Jack is using your life as a trade-off! Within three days, this red line will extend all the wayto your elbow! After that, you will drop dead immediately. Jack is using all the virtues and good deedsthat you have accumulated in your lifetime, and he is sacrificing your life in exchange for the lives of therest of the Quinton family members!”

Graham was shocked when he heard Charlie’s words. He froze in place because he was utterlyshocked.

Adam was also panicking at this time as he looked at the people around them.

All of the masters who were present nodded slightly as they witnessed this scene. Graham will not livefor more than three days.

Adam knelt on the ground before he begged Jack, “Mr. Yaleman! Please, please save my Father’s life!”

At this time, Jack stared at Adam with an arrogant expression on his face as he sneered and said, “Ihave already used my magic to appease the evil spirit. How do you expect me to take it back? I amusing Graham’s life in exchange for the safety of the rest of the Quinton family members! You shouldbe thanking me right now.”

Aurora turned pale immediately as she bit her lower lip. After thinking for a short while, she knelt downbefore Charlie and said, “Please, Mr. Wade. Please help my father…”

Charlie glanced at her before he replied indifferently, “Since the Quinton family chose to trust in Mr.Yaleman instead of me, then this has nothing to do with me anymore. Why should I help you now?”

Aurora’s eyes were red as she could not stop crying at this time. She gritted her teeth and said, “Mr.Wade, if you save my father, I promise to fulfill any requests you have…”

Charlie chuckled before he replied, “I have nothing that I want from you…”

At this time, Graham also ran over to Charlie and knelt down before him as he cried, “Mr. Wade, I’msorry I was blinded. Adam was the one brainwashing me…”

After that, Graham dragged Adam over to him before giving him a tight slap across the face.

Adam quickly dodged and moved aside before he could give him another slap.

Out of desperation, Aurora grabbed hold of Charlie’s legs as she pleaded, “Mr. Wade, please save mydad. Please help him…”

At this time, Charlie sighed before he replied, “Okay, you can get up now. I was just scaring you justnow. Fortunately, your father is wearing the talisman I had given him earlier. Nothing is going to happento him now.”

Graham was doubtful and he held the stun talisman that he was wearing over his neck in his handbefore he said, “Is this talisman working?”

Charlie nodded before he said, “Yes, take a look at your palm. The red line must be fading quicklybecause of the talisman. Mr. Yaleman needs to try harder to defeat the power of my talisman.”

Graham looked at his arm and he saw that the red line had dimmed a little and it was gradually fadingaway. He was overjoyed at this moment and he quickly said, “Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Wade. If itwasn’t for you today, I would have…”

Charlie waved his hand and said, “You are lucky that you came here with the stun talisman on youtoday. Otherwise, there is nothing I would be able to do for you either.”

After he was done speaking, Charlie turned around and looked at Jack before he said, “The result isobvious now. Aren’t you going to admit defeat?”

After realizing the situation, Adam finally came over to Charlie and knelt down before him before heapologized to him without saying anything else.

Jack’s face turned blue and he glared at Charlie before he said, “How can you say that you’ve won justbecause of that talisman? Do you know that I really wanted to spare your life but it seems as thoughyou are very stubborn and persistent? I am giving you one last chance to live. I will let you off today ifyou hand the clam over to me and kneel down and apologize to me right now!”

Jack did not want to play his last card but since Charlie had already defeated him, he had no otherchoice but to do so. Otherwise, the banquet that he planned today would be all for nothing.

However, once he were to play his last card, everyone here could die if he could not control his powerscompletely!

At this time, Charlie stared at him before he said, “And what if I refuse to do so?”

“You’ve forced me to do this!” Jack said as he took out a black porcelain jar from the box next to him assoon as he was done speaking.

A few mosquitoes flew out of the altar before they instantly pounced on the meat on the table beforethey started chewing on the meat.

Jasmine was very skeptical as she said, “This…is Mr. Yaleman raising mosquitoes?”

Everyone watched as the mosquitoes continued pouncing on the meat. They found this scene verystrange and inexplicable. All the masters had no idea what was going on and they could only whisperamong themselves.

However, within a few seconds, the meat that had been eaten by the black mosquitoes suddenlychanged color and countless smaller black mosquitoes started emerging from the meat!

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Chapter 166 - The Charismatic Charlie Wade | Novel Square (2024)
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